3D Printing

What are the 3D prints made of?

PLA filament (Polylactic Acid). It is a type of thermoplastic that is derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane. It is used in 3D printing and is typically used for food containers, biodegradable medical implants, models, and prototype parts.

Play Dough

What ingredients are used?

  • All Purpose Flour
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Cream of Tartar
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Food Colouring


What are sensory play bins?

Our custom made sensory bins are a combination of a miniature world and
sensory play with all the benefits. Our sensory play collections are
loaded with theme based items that  capture the essence of a specific
environment, scenery or event. The items are purposely selected to
provide different textures, appearances, sounds,  smells, movement and
at times, taste, to awaken all our senses and heighten the overall
exploration experience that can be enjoyed again and again!

What are the benefits of sensory play?

There are many forms of information regarding the benefits of sensory play for all children. 

Children are provided with the opportunity to learn through open
ended, creative play with all their senses, which allows them to
investigate and determine their own outcome, resulting in the support of
building strong nerve connections in the brain. Sensory play provides a
sense of inclusion as there are no expectations or limitations to the
play, leading to cognitive, social and emotional development. The
possibilities are endless and watching them explore and engage in their
own creative way is inspiring!

Our bins support the development of various important skills such as:

  • Fine motor: using tongs, scoops or cups to hold smaller objects
  • Language Development (using multiple senses together stimulates learning, in particular descriptive words)
  • Math skills (sorting various colours, patterns, shapes and types)
  • Social skills (role play, pretend play and language recognition opportunities)
  • Coping skills (Helps children focus, use emotional awareness by using the objects within to emulate their own thoughts and feelings)
  • Some bins also come with an academic component which also further encourages skill building